Carmella (Karumera (カルメラ?) is a mysterious woman who works for the Akashic Record Reform Committee
Carmella 16245


She has blondish-brownish medium hair and purple hues. Her usual outfit is just like a female student's.


She has contacted Doctor Yoshizumi numerous times. Although shrouded in mystery, she indicates that the ARRC know important events in the future. She takes on the job of searching for perfect targets to be self-aware zombies and is responsible for Shiba and Yoshizumi being illegal zombies. She has the ability to control dimensions, like Michiru. Her core is crushed by Michiru in Volume 8 of the manga.

Presumably she is the same type of being as Zarame, since at one point in the manga her core was taken from her and she shrunk down into the same deformed chibi state that Zarame is in.


  • Her Seiyū is Satsuki Yukino.