Hakka is the new President of the Ferrymen River Department in WFO.
Hakka 16247


His personality slightly resembles that of Bekkō's and Chika's father: he is sometimes serious, cool, and mysterious, but at most other times he can be simply whimsical. He shows a rather sickening admiration and friendliness towards Bekkō, whom he calls "Bekkō-chan", even feeling jealous of him because he has a 'nicer ass'.


Motivated by Bekkō's efforts in the Z-Loan office, he too sets up a loan company called A-Loan (Alive-Loan) and employs the trio Zen, Toko, and Shuji. In actual fact, he is also the President of the ARRC (Akashic Record Reform Committee), and his real aim for creating A-Loan is to get rid of Z-Loan. He seems to know a lot about the backgrounds and history of others such as Shiba and Michiru. In Volume 10 of the manga he reveals to Michiru that she is a Singularity and not a human, and also his child. His seiyu is Kyosei Tsukui.