Lyca (ライカ Lyca?) is a werewolf who has been alive for a long time.

Lyca lives through the deaths of all his
kin, and is left to live in a cave, surrounded by bones, all by himself. He makes his first appearance in Volume 3, Payment 18, when the main characters are staying at the hot springs. The main characters make their way to Lyca's cave, where Kuze Shimotsuki tames him with mysterious powers. She takes him back to the city, and he is eventually sent to Z-Loan, under the belief that experience will make him stronger. Lyca wishes to be stronger for the sake of protecting Shimotsuki. Lyca also begins going to the same school as Michiru, Chika, and Shito. He learns human speech but still refers to himself in the third person. He lets Michiru pat him on the head, but bites people he doesn't like, or people who treat him like an animal. He also seems to dislike males. Lyca shows a certain protectiveness of Shimotsuki, and can sense any 'doors' leading to other supernatural worlds opened by her. His Seiyū is Tetsuya Kakihara.


  • Before Shimotsuki named him Lyca { Raika }, he was dubbed "Pochi" and "John" by Chika and Shito.
  • Shito also describes Lyca as always being alone, as if comparing Lyca to himself.