Yuuta (由詩?) is the Z-Loan office assistant who has an androgynous appearance and has the unique ability to heal using ectoplasm. His job mostly consists of data-gathering, medical treatments, answering phones, and making tea. He is a zombie with a loan as well.  He and Bekkō are similar in the sense that they both have an eye for money. His Seiyū is Chiwa Saito, but is Tomoko Kawakami for his Drama CD appearance.


Yuuta has short maroon hair and blue eyes. He is also shown to wear various hats that resemble animal's ears.


He likes to joke around and often pretends that his hands, which he named Ken Ken and Kon Kon, can talk. He also likes to shorten and then double a person's name, for example, he calls Michiru "Chiru Chiru."