Zarame is an entity of unknown origin or nature that reaps souls. He is known by his associate Koume as Zarame-sama, which translates into English as granulated sugar or brown sugar, and has the ability to generate a scythe at will. He can only speak in muffled, high-pitched, squeaky noises, due to the bandages across his mouth and his super deformed state, but both Michiru and Koume hear him as speaking normally, though most of what he says are threats or insults. It appears that Yomi can also hear and understand Zarame when he speaks, as seen in chapter 75. Currently, he still does not have his 'core' back, but seems content to perch on Michiru's shoulder. After being attached to her, he becomes protective over her as well.


Zarame has red hair and purple eyes. He is usually in chibi form, since his core was stolen from him. His entire body, except for his left eye, is covered in bandages. It is formed by the materialization of astral around a powerful energy source known as the 'core', which is later stolen by a human he is trying to reap, who is later revealed to be Shiba. Not having a body, he is forced to reside in a super deformed state that Michiru thinks is adorable. However, as shown in chapter 41, he can temporarily transform into his original form as long as he is near Michiru.